1. What are your qualifications for selling credit card processing, and are you a W2 employee of the company you represent?
  2. When I call customer service, where will I be calling and who will provide service at my business?
  3. Who is in charge of customer service and what is the average length of service among your customer service reps?
  4. How will your service protect my business in the event of a data breach, and what will your service do to help me prevent a breach in the first place?
  5. How will your fees for my business change when Visa and MasterCard change their Interchange fees?
  6. How does your monthly statement make it easy to understand all of your charges and fees?
  7. Will my account be available online, and how much information can I access?
  8. How will I be charged for credit card processing equipment and what is the replacement policy if it malfunctions?
  9. Is there a fee to leave if I'm not happy with your service?
  10. What are your rates and fees for the following:
    • What is the swipe rate and which credit cards (corporate, rewards, etc.) qualify for that rate?
    • Swiped check/debit card with signature
    • Key-entered Visa/MasterCard credit card
    • Downgraded or non-qualified transactions
    • Monthly service fees (combine all)
    • PCI (data security) compliance fee
    • Supply charges
    • Chargeback fee

Credit card processing has become extremely complex and difficult to understand. Some salespeople want to make it that way so you can't Compare apples to apples and know the true cost of their service.

Retailers Processing Network, the recognized expert in credit card processing, wants to help you take the confusion out of evaluating different sales offers. These 10 questions are designed to let you compare apples to apples. We strongly suggest you get the answers in writing.

View and print a PDF of these questions here

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