Retailers Processing Network

Merchants save an average of 33% on credit card processing fees when they switch to RPN.

We're the credit card processing experts.

As the nation’s oldest non-bank credit card processing organization, our roots go back to 1968, no independent processor has more experience than us.

  • No hidden fees – We don’t need to resort to hidden fees and teaser rates to attract or retain customers
  • No long-term contracts – We earn your trust everyday. That’s why we don’t rope you into long-term contracts

We simply provide the best solutions to your credit card processing needs at prices that are fair and true. We stand by you like any good business partner should, always working with you to be sure that you have the best solution for your business.

We understand how to eliminate many cost-raising events having to do with merchant behavior and inefficient or improper terminal programming/language issues.

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